The hardest thing to do is to start from scratch, we know it! Also, we know that support is important, especially at the beginning of a BUSINESS, for that reason we have decided to help all of you who believe in different education and human potential.

 We are the same. We believe that education can make the world better!

Together step-by-step, we help you build trust in yourself and your own future business success at first. What we offer to our partners is the ability to start from nothing. Our methodology is a set of answers to the countless challenges that we have managed to overcome, learn a lot from them, and extract great lessons. In the end, we managed to get even stronger out of all, and transfer our own experience into an extraordinary operational manual for all our partners.

What we offer surpasses the numbers, we help our partners to realize their dreams!

The support we provide to our partners is professional but also friendly, because we all grow together. Therefore, we are a team that has a vision and mission, which is to provide quality education for children and teenagers in transition countries around the world. Our mission is to observe, discover and develop talent for children and teenagers. And then, take them to the right path, making them more aware of their reason for existence, which is “Self-realization for the benefit of humanity”!

Next Generation education!

We are always looking for the next innovative breakthrough in education. We like to think of ourselves not just as part of tomorrow, but the ones inventing tomorrow. How? By being on the front line when it comes to innovation. Isn’t it just the perfect place to be around?


The support provided to our prospects and Franchisees is continuous throughout their time at School & School. We will start by walking you through the process of becoming a Franchisee. Afterward, you will be assigned to your personal Business Development Manager, who will help you launch your business using the tools they have acquired by assisting other Franchisees. It doesn’t stop here. In addition, you will be in touch with our Marketing Developer who will help you generate traffic on your website and social media pages.


We are with you every step of the way. All School & School franchisees have access to a Marketing Department entirely dedicated to their franchise operations. Our marketing and social media team is responsible for planning and assisting in special events, such as franchise openings and educational meetings. They develop online editorial content for the franchisees and train them on how to best use social media to support and promote their business.


An experienced Business Development Team is always available to guide and assist our franchisees. Everything from planning the start of their business to their daily activities.  Weekly and monthly meetings are also available to our franchisees to support and maintain their growth. Our business development team will help you plan your launch event, create your own website and Facebook page, and anything else you need to get started.


At School & School, we believe that training is vital to success. Our training sessions provide you with the tools you and your team will need to become familiar with our methodology and curriculum while also providing you with a background in art & design, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) basics. We will teach you how to structure your classes, what information to write on the board, how long classes take, and so on. When we develop a new model, we will teach you how it works so you are covered in every way.




Due to accelerated technological development on a global scale, the demand for technical talents, scientists and engineers has increased greatly. Unfortunately, the outdated learning methods stoped the thedevelopment of childred a long time ago, focusing on subjects rather than on students, on quantity – not on quality, on theory – not on practice, forgetting on their mission, which is to observe, discover and nurture talent in children, preparing them for future academic and professional careers. Irregular curricula, obsolete school equipment, and traditional teaching methods are the biggest culprits that today’s children have been blocked in the past, rather than being dedicated to the future.


The market for children’s development and education has greatly increased over the past decade. Forecasts indicate that global education markets and long-term growth will grow several percent annually. In particular, this refers to transitional countries and developing countries, where there is simply a huge need for quality education. Expansion in the education market occurred precisely during the recession, which means that this sector is also developing due to the impact of economic weakness. Today, we are well aware that quality education is the best investment for the future. Therefore, the need for parents to have their children attending high-quality schools, a place where children can discover, express all their potential and cultivate their own talent, has never been greater than in modern times.


Children who are only beginning to learn basic knowledge can not know which career and opportunities will exist for 20 years. That is exactly why we exist – To bring the future today! Therefore, we believe that a wide range of disciplines is the best way to prepare children for future life and professional challenges. Today, at School & School, we provide our students with a wide range of personal experiences that develop the critical thinking skills, a sense of curiosity, and the ability to solve problems while developing creative solutions. Our “catchword” just talks about it – “The problem is a challenge for our intelligence!” The skills that children in School & School are studying are a combination of essential science and modern technologies, taking careful care of the trends that will happen in the near future. We are committed to preparing children for what is yet to come! – FUTURE. An opportunity to develop a creative environment in which we discover, develop and nurture children’s talent is something that goes beyond the system of regular and formal education in schools around the world, and especially in the countries of our region. That’s exactly why we started, developed and nursed a different school for children and teenagers!


The curriculum is designed and adapted to a child’s age from three to thirteen years. School & School is an informal school, therefore, the duration of the teaching cycle depends exclusively on the needs, affinities and preferences of the trainees, which can last from one month to nine years. Each teaching year includes a new curriculum and a higher level of knowledge, which is regularly checked at the end of the school year, and on the basis of achieved results and acquired knowledge, it is verified by internal Certificates / Diplomas. Certificate / Diploma is issued to students who have attended at least 80% of hours, who have worked and successfully passed the final test. Certificate of attendance is issued to students who have not completed sufficient hours or those who have not completed the final test.

The regular part of teaching takes place in the period from September to June (follows the traditional school year) / The summer school takes place in the period from July to August / Winter school takes place in January.

The school year lasts 8.5 months (Sep – June) or 4.5 months (Feb – June), depending on the date of enrollment. The winter break is from 01 January to 31 January. The weekly and monthly fund hours depend on the age of the students (ages 4-6, 1 hour per week = 4 hours per month; ages 6 to 8, 1.5 hours per week = 6 hours per month; ages 8 to 14+ years 2 hours per week = 8 hours a month). The annual fund of hours depends on the age of the students and can last from 34 – 68 hours.

Teaching takes place in native, English or combined. The percentage of lectures in English depends on the average level of knowledge of the entire teaching group. Teaching can be organized as individual or group.

Number of participants in groups – max. 12. Participants are grouped according to age and level of knowledge. The participants are initially grouped into groups by age and then according to the level of personal knowledge. Also, groups can be formed by a combination of different ages, where special care is taken to ensure that children of the elderly are team leaders and assistants of the subject teacher.

Certificates / Diplomas are issued at the end of the school year and contain: general information about the student, school, a short description of the curriculum, the school year that the student attended and the acquired level of knowledge that the student has achieved.The level of knowledge is categorized by letters, where:

P1 – Duckkling school for ages 3-5 years (34 hours – annual fund hours)

P2 – Preschool for ages 5-6 years (34 hours – annual fund hours)

A1 – Starting level or age 6-7 years (51 hour – annual fund hours)

A2 – Initial middle level or age 7-8 years (51 hours – annual fund hours)

B1 – Middle level or age 8-9 years (68 hours – annual fund hours)

B2 – Advanced middle level or age 9-10 years (68 hours – annual fund hours)

C1 – Advanced level or age 10-11 years (68 hours – annual fund hours)

C2 – Higher advanced level or age 11-12 years (68 hours – annual fund hours)

D1 – Expert level or age 12-13 years (68 hours – annual fund hours)

Appointments of teaching: Every working day and Saturday.

Regular enrollment deadlines: June – August for the first semester or January for the second semester.

Extraordinary: Possibility of enrollment or connection every month!


For each teaching group and students individually, a separate logbook of the record of the results of the implemented activities of the students is kept and the formation of the final information assessment on a monthly, semi-annual and annual basis. The assessment does not have a formal character except to indicate the students’ interest in a specific curriculum or part of the program. The goal of the School & School education system is not to punish, but to constantly explore the character of each child, and then to support his most prominent quality. The journal contains results from the domain of the teaching process that records the attendance, the quality of the tasks performed, the student’s knowledge (quizzes), the activity in classes, and the final monthly test, on the basis of which the progress, working habits and motivation of the students are analyzed. An important part of the diary is the observation and recommendations of teachers that aim to help the student achieve a satisfactory result. In addition to recording and monitoring the results of the teaching process, teachers have the task, through direct observation, to determine the frequent or recurrent characteristic performance of students, all with the goal of recognizing and revealing talents in children.

For children over eight years, MI8 (Multiple Intelligence / Multiple Intelligence) is performed on the basis of which we compare the results obtained during the teaching process and the direct observation, which confirms or does not confirm the previously obtained results on the expression of certain talents for each individual student.


The first goal of this holistic way of education is to provide students with the space and time during which they will have the opportunity to find their passion, and the teachers the ability to recognize students’ talent for certain activities. The second goal is to discover, develop and nurture a child’s talent. The third goal is to provide the necessary educational and pedagogical support to students in their expression. The fourth goal is to build and maintain the confidence of students at the highest level.


At the end of each semester (end of December) and school year (half of June), students present their works and acquired knowledge at school exhibitions called School & School – ShowDown Expo, during which students finally have the opportunity to confirm all their discovered and acquired potentials.


1.   The first step in the process of accessing the School & School franchise network is to provide a motivation letter (the candidate should state the reasons why he wants to start the School & School education program).

2.   Step 2 – Immediately after getting acquainted with the candidate’s biography and his motivation to start a business, School & School will send the “Franchise Info Package” to the email of the potential candidate within 24 hours at the latest, with all the necessary information about the conditions for joining the franchise network School & School.

3.   If the candidate chooses to become acquainted with the basic information and conditions, the candidate will continue with the process of accession, the third step is scheduling interviews (via skype, messenger or viber), where we will pass the info documentation together with the candidate and answer all the questions. Also, during the interview, the candidate will be able to learn more about the necessary information about access to the School & School franchise network.

4.   The fourth step is to schedule a face-to-face business meeting where candidates will be introduced to the financial model in more detail, including information on access fees, regular fees and marketing fees, as well as returns of investments. We understand that every person is different, so for this reason we are trying to create a franchise solution that will meet the needs and expectations of our franchisees. Also, at this stage, the parties will harmonize the territory or more territory of the business (master franchise), under thr condition that the candidate is financially and operatively capable of developing it. After adjusting the financial model, School & School will send the franchise agreement to the candidate for review and compliance. The contract will detail the background of the company (the franchisor) as well:

  • Rules of access to the franchising system
  • The duration of the contract
  • Field of activity (activity) of the recipient of franchising
  • Rights and obligations of parties
  • Protecting brands and labels
  • Protection of business secrets
  • Competition clause
  • Training
  • License fee and marketing fees
  • Promotion and marketing
  • The control rights of the franchisor
  •  Termination of the contract

5.   The fifth step is to provide additional information to the candidate, finalize the contract and send it to the signature, pay the access fee to the transaction account of the franchisor. After the signing of the contract and the payment made to the account of the franchisor, an operational manual is provided, which contains the procedures and dynamics of the business within the franchise, the preparation of a franchised place for opening, educating and advising employees, procuring equipment and other teaching materials.Clarification of the term: The Operational Manual is a comprehensive and detailed description of all aspects of the business performed by the franchisee. It contains a description of how the franchisee will perform business within the franchise.

6.    The sixth step is a welcome to the family School & School and get started!




You can send a biography and a letter of motivation to the email: hq@schoolandschool.com.

NOTE: Candidates, except personal data, must submit a contact telephone, email address, address of the place of residence. Also, it is essential to indicate the name of the city in which School & School wants to run.



For more information, write to us on: hq@schoolandschool.com or call: +38761 60 342 1 555. Visit us on the address: Zelenih beretki br. 6, Sarajevo, Bosina & Herzegovina.