The design of the interior is a reflection of who we are and what we do! For this reason, the location, space, interior design and atmosphere of the school is extremely important to us because it represents our informal and modern lifestyle.

The interior design is not completely standardized, but it is left to each school individually to incorporate a part of their soul and creativity. Ultimately, the purpose of our 2A design is always the same, and that is that the school exudes a happy life!

The location is important! It is highly recommended to be in a strict center of the city or some other section that has enough interesting content for parents, especially in cities over 50,000 inhabitants where parents after work are pleased that after leaving the children in the school they can go out and walk, or meet with friends and have a cup of coffee.

Space is important! Perception is everything. Often, we do not have a second chance for the first impression, therefore it is necessary that space and entrance to the school be greeted with enthusiasm by children and parents. Cosiness, lightness of space, light music, smell of school, cheerfulcolors on the, all of this is important to parents at the first meeting.

The interior decoration of the school is important! The furniture that we use in our schools is not expensive, even more, it has been used before and carefully redesigned with happy pastel and happy colorfulcolors that enable the school to enjoy positive energy.


Atmosphere in school is the most important! It is a unique package of everything that we represent, happiness, joy, positive energy, love, satisfaction, faith in what we do.

Under the atmosphere we mean all previously written including a human factor, in our case it is the school principal, pedigogue and teachers who unselfishly show their love and passion for children exactly at school. We do not welcome our students sitting on a chair, but with a smile and wide hugs on the front door! The values ​​we represent and the passion with which we all do it is precisely what School & School makes a different school for children and teenagers.

We are proud of the environment we work in, because it makes us relaxed, healthier, happier that students feel in our relationship with them. Respect for children as adults are our added value we nurture, and students and their parents reward this with their trust.

The confidence we have gained by our efforts and sacrifice must not be lost, but on the contrary, it is necessary to use it by creating a recognizable regional, and then an international brand. Our story should be a model for others who believe that education can create a better world!

School & School is the favorite choice of children and their parents! It is our motive to continue where we all went together, otherwise it would be the betrayal of all of our beliefs and principles that we have followed blindly for years, not knowing that the focus, patience, belief in a different education is the values ​​that have brought us to this place We are now.

School & School philosophy is very simple and it comes down to one single thing, and that’s love and faith in what we do. The result of our faith and love is a renowned school for children and teenagers who slowly becomes the number one choice for children and their parents.


Educational work at school is done by teachers and instructors! Teachers are highly educated and qualified persons for performing educational work with children and adults, with the basic specialized education of the teaching subjects they teach at school. It is necessary that Teachers at School & School have the creative freedom to professionally express themselves and infect students with their love of the profession they represent, that they know perfectly a minimum of one foreign language (English), that they have a pronounced need for exploring the unknown but also continually overcoming their own intellectual borders . To know psychologically-pedagogical and interdisciplinary theoretical studies, as well as to have the qualities of the students available for teacher-suppression. Realizing that the difference between the intersection is a thing of the past, and that is – Passion for the sake of the mind of the disciples !, it is the most important thing for the reader to find a way to find a job. We are looking forward to helping the school and school administrators differ from other educational institutions.

The instructors and assistants are confirmed by the professionals in theirdomaincourse (developers, designers, musicians, painters, etc.).
Teachers have the highest level of knowledge and education of students / pupils in the contemporary pedagogical criteria within the framework of the program and program’s program, respecting the freedom of the city and the principles of democracy and the rule of law. Teachers and instructors at the supreme level are the teachers of the school and the whole world, and that is to inspire, observe, discover, develop and teach students to measure the essence of an ideal academic education of professional professionals.