School & School is multidisciplinary. Different kind of school for kids and teens!

Thanks to a specially designed multi-intelligence program, School & School students have the opportunity to find their talent and passion for a specific discipline that will facilitate their choice of future academic and professional careers through fine, applied and technical science. The goal of this educational system is to create a creative and stimulating environment and then, to observe, discover, develop and nurture talent in children encouraging them to knowingly find the source of their own inspiration and aspiration!

How do we do it?

By enabling the acquisition of competitive knowledge and skills in a completely different and innovative way through one of our 25+ school programs:

  • School of Robotics & Programming (age 3-8)
  • School of Programming & Game Design (age 8-14)
  • Web Development (age 9-14)
  • Lego Robotics (age 6-14)
  • School of Robotics Engineering (age 10-14)
  • Mechatronics (age 10-14)
  • 3D Modeling and Printing (age 8-14)
  • School of Creative Physics & Mathematics (age 10-14)
  • Veterinary & Medicine School (age 9-14)
  • CSI Forensic (age 9-14)
  • Business & Leadership School for Kids (age 11-14)
  • School of Art & Design (age 6-14)
  • Fashion & Design School (age 10-14)
  • Graphic Design School (age 10-14)
  • Product Design School (age 10-14)
  • Perfumery & Cosmetics School (age 10-14)
  • YouTube & Video Academy (age 10-14)
  • Computer Animation & 3D Art  (age 10-14)
  • Music School (age 6-14)
  • School of Ballet (age 6-14)
  • School of Drama (age 6-14)
  • Foreign Language School (age 4-14)


Other educational programs:

  • Day Care/ Extended stay (age 6-12)
  • RoboTech BootCamp (age 6-14)
  • Summer school (age 6-14)
  • Winter school (age 6-14)
  • London School (age 10-18)
  • School & School Kindergarden (age 1-6)

We at School & School are dedicated to finding the best in every child. It’s a specialty and a talent! These are abilities, skills, and values ​​that make children able to artistic, technical, and cultural expressions much freer than adults, yet again, they need to constantly encourage them and remind them to be completely aware of their talents as their own resources it is necessary to develop further and continually improve through life.

That’s what we strongly believe in School & School. Also, we believe that only by matching temperament, talent, academic education and professional careers is a guarantee of inner satisfaction and successful personal and professional self-realization! For that very reason, we believe in education. We believe in human potential!

School & School is a place of creative expression where children design a beautiful tomorrow!