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Modern program of day care in two shifts for pupils of lower grades of elementary school. The program includes Creative Mathematics, English Language, Art & Design, Robotics & Programming + Kids Cooking Lab! Possibility of enrollment or connection every month. Transportation and nutrition of students provided.


School & School is a different school, a place of multidisciplinary education with a focus on the discovery and development of multiple intelligence in children. A place where children, besides good articulation of free time through play, entertainment and cooking, learn English (linguistic intelligence), get acquainted with the art & design world (visual and musical intelligence), and self-learning techniques (the time required for writing domestic tasks, repetition and training of teaching content studied), have a unique opportunity to get to know and learn about the basics of modern programming and robotic engineering (development of logical and mathematical intelligence). Students will have the opportunity during the school year to get acquainted with the world of technology through computer technology, visual programming (MIT Scratch EDU) and robotic engineering, or structural design with LEGO Technics and LEGO Education WeDo.


Interior design is a reflection of who we are and what we are doing! For this reason, the location, space, interior decoration and the atmosphere of the school is of great importance because it represents our informal and modern lifestyle. Atmosphere at school is the most important thing! It is a unique package of everything we present, happiness, joy, positive energy, love, satisfaction, and faith in what we are doing. All classrooms meet the most educational and technological criteria for performing contemporary interactive teaching.


  • Mathematical competences
  • Technological competence
  • Digital competence
  • Cultural expression
  • Communication on mother language
  • How to learn
  • Interpersonal competence



The day care program is held on weekdays from Monday to Friday, lasting 8.5 months (Sep – June). The duration of the extended stay depends on the date of registration. Possibility of enrollment or admission to teaching groups every month! The winter break is from 01 January to 31 January.

Teaching takes place in both mother language and English. The percentage of lectures in English depends on the average level of knowledge of the whole classroom.

The weekly amount is 22.5 hours (5 x 4.5 hours). Monthly 90 hours (20 x 4.5 hours). The number of participants in the groups is limited by a maximum of 10 participants, organized in mixed groups.

Throughout the school year, the discipline’s commitment and progress is regularly monitored, especially in the field of contemporary work (Robotics & Programming, English), after which attendees have the opportunity to get the School & School Certificate of attendance and successfully completed robotics & programming training. Depending on the subject of study, the extended stay takes place in the classroom for learning and writing assignments, the Art Design Lab, the Gaming Room, the Cooking Lab and the Robotic and Programming Classroom.

The primary goal of an extended stay at School & School is to teach children how to learn, explore, study, teach and assist. Work in an extended stay strongly affects student emotions, self-esteem development, trust in friends, mutual co-operation, helping, responsibility, curiosity, self-assessment, sound morality, sense of success, resourcefulness, agility, right to mistake and accepting mistakes in yourself and others.

Student Wearing:

Depending on the age of the year, children should be dressed in layers. It is imperative to have thin socks and lightweight shoes, preferably breathing (slippers are a ideal solution). It is desirable for school children to have a spare shirt, trousers and a pair of socks.

Students’ nutrition:

Food, hot and cold drinks are provided by the school, both during morning classes and during the afternoon. Exclusive food supplier for School & School is Fress d.o.o. Sarajevo, known as a safe supplier of healthy, high quality and halal foods.

Note: Children can bring food if they have special requirements or special needs (diet, or other)

Cooking Lab’s Goal: It is unquestionable that the habits we acquire in childhood shape our lives for the most part. Therefore, it is extremely important that we at the earliest time learn the proper diet habits, independent food preparation, serving and refreshing.

For more information, contact the school in your city via e-mail, phone call or message us on Facebook. Find the contact information in the location section.


  • Reservation is confirmed by registration and payment of the first module (1 month) in the school itself or by payment to the bank account.
  • Payment is payable (monthly) and is done by 10th of each month for the current month, by paying to the bank account or cash at the school itself.
  • Original textbooks and workbooks, software tools licenses (robotics & programming) are not included in the cost of the cost and represent a one-off expense at the beginning of the school year. The cost of textbooks and workbook will be available at the beginning of the school year.
  • The price includes other teaching materials, academic coaching, fun & art class, progress report, flashcards, placement test, periodic and final tests, School & School Certificate.
  • The course lasts 8,5 months (Sep – Jun), depending on the date of enrollment, after which the attendees are eligible for the School & School Certificate.
  • 6 participants are the minimum required to form one classroom. Groups are small and comprise up to 10 participants. The aim is to dedicate the professor to each student and to achieve their individually set goals.
  • The course take place in two variants and are tailored to the participants, 1 variant – working days; 2 variants – Saturday.
  • Parent discount for two or more children (5% per child), for two or more discounted programs is 5% (per subject).


Note: The price for special programs, individual classes and dedicated customized tuition to the needs of the student is especially contracted.


For each group and student individually, a special diary is kept of the results of the student activities performed and the final grade on the monthly, semi-annual and annual basis. The diary contains the results from the teaching process, which records the presence, quality of the tasks performed, the student’s knowledge (quiz), the activity at the moment, and the final monthly test, which analyzes progress, work habits and student motivation. An important part of the diary is the observation and recommendation of the teachers aiming to help the student achieve satisfactory results. In addition to recording and tracking the results of the teaching process, teachers have the task of determining, through direct observation, the frequent or recurring character traits of the students, all in order to recognize and reveal the expressive talents of children.

For children over eight years, the MI8 test is performed based on which we compare the results obtained during the teaching process and the immediate observation, which confirms or does not confirm the previously obtained results of expressing certain talents for each individual student.

Goals of the teaching process

The first goal of such a holistic way of education is to provide students with space and time during which they will have the opportunity to find their passion, and teachers have the opportunity to recognize the student’s talents for certain activities. Another aim is to discover, develop and nurture children’s talents. The third goal is to provide the necessary educational and pedagogical support to the students in their expression. The fourth goal is to build and maintain the self-confidence of the students at the highest level.

Public presentation of the work and acquired knowledge

At the end of each semester (end of December) and school year (half of June), students present their work and gained knowledge at school exhibitions called School & School – ShowDown Expo, where students finally have the opportunity to confirm all their discoveries and acquired potentials.

ShowDown Expo is a public test for all participants in the teaching process.


For more information, please write to: or call +387 33 840 037. Visit us at Zelenih beretki no. 6, Center, right next to the Dom Armije.

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