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School & School announces admission to a unique multidisciplinary program that includes learning english, the alphabet, mathematics, creative and critical thinking for children aged 4-6 years. Participants during this program will have the opportunity to learn in a creative and innovative way with the help of creative LEGO sets. The number of places is limited!


At the LEGO THINK TANK classes, the ducklings have the opportunity to learn 5 essential subjects through play and fun, namely the english language, the alphabet, mathematics, creative thinking and communication.
The aim of the classes is to introduce children to the world of modern ways of learning and using technology. The program has the task of teaching children to overcome challenges in science, informatics, engineering and mathematics. To make them aware that they are the ones who can create a better future for the benefit of all humanity.
We at School & School really believe in that!
Children will be encouraged and encouraged to think critically about it; how and why their implementation project design needs to be adapted changing conditions of work and life, taking care to constantly remind children of the importance of awareness of environmental protection, conservation and energy saving, the necessity of ergonomics and design in everything they do, innovative solutions and smart technologies that make life and work easier for people. Our carefully designed program through work, with a small number of participants in groups, allows children to learn or expand their English vocabulary in the simplest way, through play and fun, and asking LEGOs to understand certain concepts and techniques according to their age. Ultimately, our mission is to provide an affirming environment for children to discover, develop and be what they are!


Interior design is a reflection of who we are and what we are doing! For this reason, the location, space, interior decoration and the atmosphere of the school is of great importance because it represents our informal and modern lifestyle. Atmosphere at school is the most important thing! It is a unique package of everything we present, happiness, joy, positive energy, love, satisfaction, and faith in what we are doing. All classrooms meet the most educational and technological criteria for performing contemporary interactive teaching.


  • Technological competence
  • Digital competence
  • Communicating in a foreign language


  • Mathematics
  • Alphabet (letter recognition)
  • Spelling • Motor skills
  • Engineering
  • Critical thinking
  • Logic
  • Visual perception
  • Multitasking


LEGO THINK TANK - ZERO (ages 4-6/ P1). Let's Play!

This unique interdisciplinary program for children aged 4-6 was created with the aim of developing linguistic, visual, logical and interpersonal intelligence in children. During the school year, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the English language (letters & verbs), mathematics (numbers and measures) and creative thinking (building Lego structures) through play and fun.

Teaching takes place simultaneously in the mother tongue and in English.
The percentage of lectures in English depends on the average level of knowledge of the entire teaching group.
The course lasts 8.5 months (Sep – June) or 4.5 months (Feb – June). Winter vacation from January 1 to January 31.
The weekly class is 1 hour (1 x 60 min), with a 5-minute break between classes. Monthly fund 4 hours (4 x 60 min).
Number of participants in groups – max 6.

For more information, contact the school in your city via e-mail, phone call or message us on Facebook or Instagram. Find the contact information in the location section.


For each group and student individually, a special diary is kept of the results of the student activities performed and the final grade on the monthly, semi-annual and annual basis. The diary contains the results from the teaching process, which records the presence, quality of the tasks performed, the student’s knowledge (quiz), the activity at the moment, and the final monthly test, which analyzes progress, work habits and student motivation. An important part of the diary is the observation and recommendation of the teachers aiming to help the student achieve satisfactory results. In addition to recording and tracking the results of the teaching process, teachers have the task of determining, through direct observation, the frequent or recurring character traits of the students, all in order to recognize and reveal the expressive talents of children.

For children over eight years, the MI8 test is performed based on which we compare the results obtained during the teaching process and the immediate observation, which confirms or does not confirm the previously obtained results of expressing certain talents for each individual student.

Goals of the teaching process

The first goal of such a holistic way of education is to provide students with space and time during which they will have the opportunity to find their passion, and teachers have the opportunity to recognize the student’s talents for certain activities. Another aim is to discover, develop and nurture children’s talents. The third goal is to provide the necessary educational and pedagogical support to the students in their expression. The fourth goal is to build and maintain the self-confidence of the students at the highest level.

Public presentation of the work and acquired knowledge

At the end of each semester (end of December) and school year (half of June), students present their work and gained knowledge at school exhibitions called School & School – ShowDown Expo, where students finally have the opportunity to confirm all their discoveries and acquired potentials.

ShowDown Expo is a public test for all participants in the teaching process.


For more information, contact the school in your city via e-mail, phone call or message us on Facebook or Instagram. Find the contact information in the location section.

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